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We own two of the premier shooting lodges in Cordoba, Argentina. In 2011, we created the FlyWays brand name to cover these dove shooting lodges – Los Chanares and Posta del Norte. Both lodges have their own unique attractions that are described below. We do focus on certain things that are found at all our places:

  • World-class dove hunting.
  • Excellent food wine and beef.
  • Over the top service and friendly personnel at the lodges.
  • Comfortable, clean and relaxed lodge setting.
  • Relatively easy logistics with all lodges close to the Cordoba airport.
  • Extremely easy to book with excellent pre-trip service

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Posta del Norte

Posta del Norte is a 6-room lodge that is located 35 minutes from Los Chanares and 1:15 from the Cordoba airport. Posta del Norte was purchased by the FlyWays group in 2010 and clients are raving about our latest dove shooting lodge. The main attraction of Posta is the private lodge setting. The trip fee gives you the choice of a private room and with only four people you can reserve the entire lodge. This lodge is perfect for smaller groups. The lodge is located exactly in between the two largest roosts in Cordoba so the variety and quality of the shooting fields is amazing. Finally the smaller groups allow Posta’s staff to provide outstanding service and cater to all our client’s needs. The main reasons to choose Posta del Norte over Los Chanares are:

  • You value having the lodge to yourself beyond 5-minute drives and luxurious lodging
  • Los Chanares dates are full, which happens often
  • You are looking for a lower priced lodge (trip fee is on average 20% less)
  • You have a group of 4 people and want the private lodge (11 minimum at Los Chanares)

For more information on Posta del Norte including pictures and videos, visit our website www.postadelnorte.com.