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Experience an Incredible Argentina Dove Hunting Trip Like Never Before!!!

Estancia Los Chanares is the best dove hunting lodge in Argentina. Our 9,000 acres of private property house the largest dove roost in Argentina with more than 20 million doves roosting on or flying over our property at any given moment. There is nowhere else in the world that one can experience this caliber of dove hunting in a luxury 5-star, resort-style setting. This is what Argentina dove hunting in South America is all about!

Los Chanares – The First International Lodge to Receive a Trident Rating!

The Beretta Trident Program was launched in 2010 and is the first and only system to rate shooting sports venues. Los Chanares and our sister operation, Sierra Brava Lodge, are the first international venues to affiliate with Beretta. Estancia Los Chanares received a Trident Rating in upland bird hunting and Sierra Brava was awarded also awarded with a Trident Rating in the same category. Continue reading. Not an endorsement for purchase, “Tridents” are awarded for excellence. While emphasizing the outstanding hunting or shooting experience, the evaluation system rates everything from the food on the table to the kennels, to the lodging to the guides and staff.

A Beretta Trident Rating assures an extraordinary experience. Every aspect of the venue has to meet and maintain the most exceptional standards to be affiliated with Beretta. A Beretta Trident Affiliate represents the best of the best as fewer than 5% of destinations worldwide would merit a single Trident.

Los Chañares stands out from the other outfitters in Cordoba, Argentina.Why?

1. Five minute drive to the hunting fields

  • Roost with millions of birds located inside our property, within a 5 minute drive from the lodge.
  • Most shooting grounds surround the property between the lodge and roost – many within 5 minute drive from the main house.
  • No long drives and no achy bodies – except sore shoulders for high volume shooters.
  • Easy access means you have time to relax and enjoy 5-star lunches at the lodge, an afternoon siesta, a refreshing swim in the pool or a revitalizing sports massage.
  • Argentina-Dove-Hunting---Doves-Flying-Over-Field

2. Semi-controlled shooting environment ensures hunt dependability

  • Carefully-developed game management program provides food for doves inside the property – hundreds of acres of planted sunflower, wheat and sorghum all for the birds, with a top-of-the-line new irrigation system.
  • Birds are fed more than 400 tons of corn per year.
  • A flowing stream inside the property provides permanent water holes.
  • 100% guaranteed action packed hunting at all times, rain or shine.

3. Non-Stop hunting action

  • More than 400 unique shooting stands.
    • From 20 yard incoming shots for beginners to high 45-50 yard driven and crossing type shots for experts
  • Abundance of low flying doves that pass within 15-25 yards of the shooters.
  • Option to visit range positioned between two mountains.
    • Even the most experienced shooter will find high-flying doves challenging
  • Overwhelming quantity and quality of wild birds flying non-stop all day long.

4. 5-Star food and lodging

  • Appetizing 3-course meals with the best Argentine wines.
    • Feast on Argentine style barbecue (asado) and dove, our featured specialty – especially the famous homemade dove pate.
  • Excellent accommodations, service and staff.
  • Well-equipped estancia was built 15 years ago.
    • 9 comfortable rooms with 2 double beds and a private bathroom in each.
  • Open salon area and sociable atmosphere.
    • Enjoy a Cuban cigar or a good bourbon, single malt or blended whiskey with friends

5. The Los Chañares Team

  • David Perez brings the sales and general management skills that are crucial to our success.
  • Alex Mitri and Jessica Ciappa provide a solid and unmatched operational organizational skills and many years of experience which are key in running the entire operation.
  • Gabriela Mirtuono and Nahuel Gramajo’s organizational flair and efficiency ensure everything runs smoothly during your stay at the lodge.
  • Dove-Hunting-in-Argentina---Group-Pictures-of-Dove-Hunters
  • Cordoba-Dove-Hunting---Group-Pictures
  • Group-Pictures-of-Argentina-Dove-Hunting-Shooters
Argentina dove hunting videos – See it to believe it!

For more information, please review our marketing materials that clearly show why we are the best dove hunting destination in Argentina. Here are some of the videos found on our videos page:

See what our clients have to say:

I have hunted in 4 different continents but dove hunting in Argentina at Los Chanares is the best organized, most pleasant camp that I have ever been to ! I look forward to coming back.”

Steve Vallone
Houston, TX


I wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for the absolutely wonderful trip we had to Los Chanares. I can’t say enough about the accommodations. The food was first class (great chef), the room was very comfortable, the main part of the lodge was charming and, of course the shooting was over the top. I simply can’t imagine finding a place with more to offer !! Two things really stood out for me as far as the shooting was concerned: first, there were no long drives which most other places require and the roost shooting is something that can’t be described. Again, many thanks for the trip of a lifetime !! You run one helluva nice operation.

Godfrey Kauffmann


The lodge was the best I have been to and Alex, Jessica and the rest of the staff were outstanding. Of special note was the cuisine.

– The dove hunting was spectacular.

– The fact that the shooting was never more than 10 minutes away from the lodge was a
great feature.

– The fact that we never shot the same place more than once was refreshing.

– The fact that we were able to shoot in hilly terrain instead of all field shooting was the second best feature for us as a group.

Alex and David have the right setup and so far they are getting it right. I wish them well and hopefully God willing we will not only be the first Jamaican group, but we will be back with friends.

Greg Chong


Thank you most sincerely for a most enjoyable vacation.

Estancia, the staff, the food and the general atmosphere were marvelous.

As far as the shooting was concerned I have been shooting now for over forty years and have never experienced any better, having said that, I have been to many and varied places to shoot birds.

John Hindmarch

Rates Overview
  • $790 per person per day in the High Season (January – April 15)
  • $690 per person per day in the Summer Escape Season (June 15 – Sept 30)
  • $590 per person per day in the Promotional Season (September – December )
  • $2,100 for a Father + 1 son or 1 daughter (only during Nov. and Dec.). Son or Daughter must be 24 or less.
Large group discounts of up to 30%

Los Chanares is the most exclusive dove hunting lodge in Cordoba, Argentina. We typically book 6 months in advance and availability during the High Season is limited given the large amount of annual repeat clients.

We are South America’s preferred dove hunting location. We offer a one of a kind dove shooting experience in a highly luxurious location and lodge. Watch our famous dove hunting videos and photos and see why we are the best dove hunting lodge in Cordoba Argentina.

For those shooters working with a budget Los Chanares offers several incentives to enjoy the best dove hunting in Argentina. Specials including 27% off during the Promotional Season, 60% off for Father/Son in November and December, up to 30% off for large groups and the hassle-free discount. For further information, please visit our detailed rates page.

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