Argentina Dove Hunting

For more than 35 years, seasoned international wing shooters have recognized Cordoba, and other northern provinces in Argentina as the world's leading destination for high-volume dove hunting. There are many roosts and nesting habitats for doves in the northern area of Cordoba, providing high quality hunts for thousands of visitors over the years.

  • Easy arrival: it is very easy to fly to Cordoba with direct flights from either Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires, Lima (Peru), Panama City (Panama), Sao Paolo (Brazil). Now there are direct flights from Europe every week, with AirEuropa Airlines.
  • Perfect weather: the weather is great for hunting with more than 320 sunny days per year and no extreme temperatures.
  • Highest standards: the competition among local lodges has created the highest standard of service of any other hunting lodges in the world.

A Typical Dove Hunting Day

7:30 a.m. - Wake up call.

If you're an early riser, join us for fresh coffee in the outside dining area.

8:00 a.m. - Breakfast is served.

Help yourself to fresh fruit, muffins, toast and eggs before you begin your day. You will definitely want to try the Argentine favorite, dulce de leche.

8:30 a.m. - Head out to the field!

Our trucks will be ready to go by the door step for a smooth ride to the fields. The morning hunt lasts 3-4 hours depending on the season of the year.

1:00 p.m. - Enjoy a traditional Argentine asado (BBQ) lunch.

Feast on delicious, homemade empanadas, dove brochettes, pork sausage, tenderloin, ribs, skirt steak, pork chops, chicken and much more.

2:00 p.m. - Free time.

Enjoy a good latinamerican style siesta on one of our hammocks in a carefully selected shade under a tree in the field or in your room at the lodge if we happen to be shooting nearby. Please note, that because of shortened daylight hours during the winter months, our winter guests may not have the benefit of this extended period of free time.

4 p.m. - Enjoy great shooting in our fields during the afternoon shoot. (normally 3-4 hours long)

After a fun hunting day, our guests will have cocktail hour with snacks served by one of our fireplaces located throughout the property. Recount the day's events and compare stories with fellow hunters. Also available to soothe your highly active day; is a professional upper- or full-body massage from one of our local masseuses.

9:00 p.m. - Dinner is served.

Taste a variety of local seasonal favorites including our famous cuts of Argentinean beef. Our Italian nights are another favorite of our guests.

End your evening on a high note with a Cuban cigar and premium label whiskey or scotch. Accompanied by our local musicians for entertainment!

Setting Records Straight

Each one of your personal field assistants has a tally to keep track of daily totals for those guests who prefer to count the birds. The normal average is 20 boxes per hunt, equaling 500 rounds. Of course this depends on how much your shoulder can take and not on any set limits.

Location! Location! Location!

Los Chanares and Posta del Norte Lodges have been hand picked and positioned strategically to make hunting as smooth as possible for our guests. One in the middle of rolling hills in north west cordoba and the other right on the main artery road connecting the whole state and right in the heart of the eastern farmlands.

Our unique game management program and strategic geo- location, set us apart from all the other dove hunting outfitters and competitors in Argentina.

Our game manager assigns each guest a new setting on every hunt – from challenging flyways between feeding fields and water holes to fast and furious shooting in the hills. We guaranteed it to be a great dove hunting experience!

Shooting variety is also a highly praised asset of our hunts. We’ve heard time and again how much our guests appreciate the diversity of shooting set ups – 70% of our clients are “repeat”.

Cordoba for the Non-Shooter

Posta del Norte and Los Chañares are popular destinations in Córdoba for non-hunting companions. We stand out from the rest mainly due to the comfort of our beautiful lodges, excellent Argentine food and the great dedication of our hosts who work with an excellent team making sure that every detail is being taken care of. Besides dove hunting, there are many fun activities to participate at/from our lodges including:

  • Sightseeing tours of Cordoba and the Jesuit Estancias. With English speaking guides.
  • Massages, manicures and facials at the lodge.
  • Relaxing at the pool or hot tub.
  • Golfing at Estancia La Paz or Ascochinga Golf Club.
  • Horseback riding in our rolling hills.

Dove Hunting in Argentina vs. the U.S.

In the past century, dove hunting became a popular pastime of many hunters in the United States. Though it has taken many years, almost all states now have legal hunting seasons for mourning doves. Currently, there are only nine states that don’t, specifically those that are in the northwest part of the country. Popular North American dove hunting sites include states that have traditionally dry seasons, such as Wyoming and Texas. While dove hunting in the United States is very popular, the differences between hunting domestically and participating in dove hunting in Argentina are very extreme. As a result, those who are looking to experience dove hunting on a whole new level would greatly benefit from considering all that Argentina dove hunting has to offer.

Season and Bag Limits

Even though dove hunting is legal in many parts of North America, all states impose bag limits on dove hunters. Typically, the bag limit is 12-15 birds per day and the possession limit is restricted to 30 birds per day. As far as the season is concerned, dove hunting season typically runs from only September 1 to October 30.
On the other hand, those who choose to participate in Argentina dove hunting face no bag limits and no seasonal restrictions. There are approximately 50 million doves that nest and live in the north of Argentina, and because they are consistently reproducing, the country imposes no maximum limits. Not only are there no limits, Argentina dove hunting also has no set season. As a result, the country has become an extremely popular destination for individuals who want to hunt at any time during the year.


Even though there are many areas in the United States that allow dove hunting, finding an ideal spot can still be a challenge. Many times, the best places for domestic dove hunting are on private land, which can make accessing them a challenge. Certainly there are services that offer packages that allow you to hunt on certain tracts of land, but in all reality, that money would be better spent on a dove hunting excursion in Argentina. Not only does Argentina offer millions of doves that are primed for hunting, there are also massive tracts of land that are designated specifically for dove hunters.