Argentina was Fun!

This past July a group from River Bend went to Argentina for dove hunting. They had the most wonderful time. Of course, July was Argentina’s winter so while we were sweltering in 90 degree weather, they enjoyed themselves in the 60’s and 70’s. Smitty McArthur was one member of the group and he said it was “…an amazing trip. Everyone should do a trip like this at least once in their lifetime.”

You can book an Argentina dove hunt through River Bend and enjoy the hunt of a lifetime. Every detail will be taken care of – from effortless clearing of shotguns at the airport to excellent accommodations and fine dining. Here’s a little snippet of what some days looked like:

On the first day they hunted in the afternoon. They could probably have walked to the field but the drive was only three minutes. It was 70 degrees and balmy. They shot until just before 7pm and then went back for a scrumptious dinner of free-range sirloin strip, new potatoes, Opus One wine, coconut cake and ice cream. It was cool so they finished the evening with a fine Port wine next to a warm fire in the study.

Next day there was an 8am wake-up call. Breakfast was a great Brazilian coffee, orange juice, homemade muffins, waffles, eggs, bacon, ham, cereal, toast, sweet milk caramel spread and many more selections. The morning hunt (8:45am till noon) was just a little over three minutes away. For lunch, they enjoyed a barbecue of dove kebabs (yummy), free-range beef tenderloin, beef and pork ribs, chicken and flan with sweet milk caramel. The wine was a local that was a blend of Cabernet and Malbec.

The afternoon hunt (3:45pm till 6) was absolutely perfect, 70 degrees, clear skies and millions of birds. The guns are starting to get heavy after all this shooting. Good thing they could return to the lodge and enjoy a refreshing massage. For dinner they were served dove etouffee, spinach ravioli, Tira Misu and “Alamos” wine. Although it varied by day and by shooter, the average number of boxes of shells shot was around 60 in each of the morning and afternoon hunts.

The shooting is great, the accommodations fantastic, the meals are wonderful, the wines are Argentina’s best – now it’s time to start planning your trip to Argentina. Give Ralph a call today.