Los Chanares – The First International Lodge to Receive a Trident Rating!

What is the Beretta Trident Program

The Beretta Trident Program (www.berettatrident.com) was launched in 2010 and is the first and only system to rate shooting sports venues. Los Chanares and our sister operation, Sierra Brava Lodge, are the first international venues to affiliate with Beretta. Estancia Los Chanares received a Two Trident Rating in upland bird hunting and Sierra Brava was awarded One Trident in the same category. Currently Estancia Los Chanares and Sierra Brava Lodge are the only shooting destinations in Argentina affiliated with Beretta.

Not an endorsement for purchase, “Tridents” are awarded for excellence. While emphasizing the outstanding hunting or shooting experience, the evaluation system rates everything from the food on the table to the kennels, to the lodging to the guides and staff.

A Beretta Trident Rating assures an extraordinary experience. Every aspect of the venue has to meet and maintain the most exceptional standards to be affiliated with Beretta. A Beretta Trident Affiliate represents the best of the best as fewer than 5% of destinations worldwide would merit a single Trident.