It’s Smooth Traveling with iVisa – The Easiest Way to Get Your Hands on a Tourist Visa

Who doesn’t like to travel the world? It’s everyone’s dream to go to places, which they have just seen in pictures or movies. The Sydney Opera House in Australia, Hagia Sophia in Turkey, the Statue of Liberty in America and the Taj Mahal in India, who wouldn’t want to visit these places?

Before, if one had to visit a certain country, the visa was always given when they arrived at the airport. This created all kinds of problems. If the visa was denied, one had to wait at the airport for their return flight. Now, governments have announced that a visa has to be obtained beforehand so that officials can know the purpose for the visit.

However, getting a tourist visa is not that easy. The various forms you have to fill, not to mention the authorization stamps you have to get from the government and most importantly, the wad of cash you need for the entire process.

So, to save you from the agony of these forms and stamps, have you ever thought about e-visa? For a long time e-visa has been mostly used for entering into countries like Turkey or Australia. However, now the application process has been branched out to various other countries. In fact, to make the process more easy, governments have allowed the use of e-visa for entering into certain countries. iVisa, an online passport and visa service is now issuing e-visas for Argentina, India, Turkey, Australia, Bahrain, Cambodia, Canada, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and the United States.

What Is E-Visa?

Unlike the stamps on the passport for the entry into a non-native country, e-visa provides a virtual solution. By virtual we mean: The visa is delivered via e-mail and tourists can show it in the form of a soft copy or a hard copy. Today, e-visa is seen as the most innovative visa service implemented for freedom travels.

How iVisa Help with your e-visa?

iVisa starts processing your application as soon as you fill a simple form online. There are no documents required in the first step. Everything is shared via internet through the company’s secure network. All iVisa requires is your name, email address, the place your passport was issued and the place you want to go. Once the details are verified, you get a verification email that your e-visa application process has started. Within one business working day, you will have access to the country you have been longing to see forever. The payment as well as any communication about the process takes place online.

Why choose iVisa?

Sharing personal information through the internet is always risky. However, iVisa assures you four things if you pick them as your travel agent:

1. Innovation
Our application process is 100% online and if you have submitted the right information, we guarantee you that you will get your e-visa within a day.

2. Simplicity
No need to visit a travel agent office because everything is done online from your document submission to payment and the e-visa delivery. You never have to step a foot out of the house.

3. Security
We have state-of-the-art data centers and methods with no connection to any third parties or government websites. Whatever you submit online will remain confidential and will be only used for the application process. Since we have an online payment system, clients will receive an invoice for the entire bill.

4. Accessibility
At the airport, all you will have to do is show your e-visa on your tablet or android phone and you will be allowed entrance.

iVisa’s Three Simple Steps for the Application Process

Step #1
Fill Online Application

  1. Enter basic details such as name, email address, birth date and phone number
  2. Enter passport details, name of the country you want to visit and for how long
  3. Enter payment information

Note: We recommend that you register yourself at the embassy so that there are no problems at your arrival.

Step #2
You will receive your visa via email within a day.

Step #3
Show your e-visa at airport.

Note: We recommend that you carry your Yellow Fever vaccination papers with you as a precaution.

iVisa also offers refund if you decide that you no longer want the visa. Your visa process fee will be refunded and iVisa will only charge you a small service fee. If in any case, your e-visa gets accidentally deleted or you lose the hard copy, you can contact us and we will send you the visa again. All information is saved in our database so that when next time you choose us for your e-visa process, we already have everything for the application.