Los Chanares: the “Ten” lodge in Cordoba

In 2006, I and five others decided on a dove hunting trip to Argentina. After scouring the floors at the SCI Convention for all the places to dove shoot in Argentina, my friends and I selected another lodge. We had it on good authority that the one we selected would rate a 9.5 on a ten scale. We went in October, 2006 and had an excellent time. Great shooting on doves and pigeons, and some pretty good fishing for Golden Dorado. The following year, we checked with our sources and since we had an excellent experience, we wondered how anything could be better. If the other was a 9.5, what could be the ten? We once again did our homework and learned that Los Chanares is the “ten” lodge in Cordoba. So, a year later, we found ourselves at the lodge.

Travel was much easier from California as we flew to Santiago, Chile, on LAN Airlines and then connected to Cordoba. One check of the guns was nice when we landed in Cordoba. When going through Buenos Aires, you must check your guns on arrival at the RENAR office after the International flight. Then when you go to the domestic airport for a connecting flight, you must once again check your guns with the police. Then on arrival at your destination, there is another check. Upon leaving the lodge, you repeat all of this in reverse order. Lots of gun checks, here and there, when connecting through Buenos Aires.

At Los Chanares, there is no pigeon shooting or fishing. But for the most part, my groups go for the high volume shooting. At Los Chanares, if you want to pull the trigger, you can. There is always a target. In fact, after awhile, you must simply put down your shotgun and take a break. After a couple of days of shooting at Los Chaners, I was challenged by one of the other members of our group to shoot a ridiculously high number of birds in one day. The numbers are not necessary for this testimony. But simply put, it was not an issue. Like I said, if you want to pull the trigger, you can. That challenge was met with ease, especially when you connect on about 85% of your targets. Granted, I have shot shotguns competitively and as my friends say, “It just comes naturally.”

The food and accommodations at the lodge were excellent. Two chefs alternated in cooking the meals. Even though it was not the case, they seemed to be competing with one another to present the best meal. And, “present” is the correct word. The meal presentation is similar to that of any very high end restaurant, anywhere in the world.

Perhaps you are wondering why It has now been 8 years since my first trip to Argentina, and 6 years since visiting Los Chanares, and now I am putting some ink on paper about this place. Simply put, I just returned from another trip to Argentina where I connected through Buenos Aires. Yes, there were still about a dozen gun checks going and coming. And, one of my members was pick pocketed while walking in Buenos Aires. While this is not a problem of any lodge, it is a problem that was created by connecting through Buenos Aires. In the past, I have heard of hotel members being robbed, etc. But like I said, this is not a lodge problem, but something bird shooters going to Argentina need to know about.

So, in closing, I must say that if you are looking for a great trip to bird shoot in Argentina, this is a place to highly consider. It is easy to get to, less gun checks, and offers some extremely high volume shooting. Remember, if you want to pull the trigger, you can! I will be looking for my next trip to Los Chanares in the next couple of years.

Pete Fosselman
Outdoor Writer
San Dimas, California