December 2007 Newsletter

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Word from the Owner David Perez

I want to wish everybody a very Happy Holiday Season! As we close the 2007 year, I have to admit things could not be better. The birds are flying like never before. The whole staff is all smiles. And most importantly we continue to improve our program for clients to enjoy time with their families and friends.

In 2008, we expect a great year at Los Chanares. Most of our annual repeat groups have already reserved spots. This is the key to our operation so thanks for coming year after year. We also have many new groups who will hopefully soon become part of our strong repeat business. We look forward to hosting your group next year!

Shooting Update from Alex Mitri

As usual, the shooting in the Sept-Dec months has been spectacular at Los Chanares. We are already into our third hatch of the June-March year. This means we could max out with five hatches this season. Excelente!

It rained more and earlier this year so the sunflower from January to March is going to be awesome. Since we will be hosting a record number of clients during those months, it is great to know we will have plenty of food and water on the property. We also extended the area where we plant sunflower to the middle of the roost in the mountain (property with the shell pile). This experiment should make for an absolute incredible shooting experience!

One last development that is very promising is the quality of the roost. Due to a very cold winter, most of the bugs were killed. The roost is very green and thick this year. This is ideal for the birds as they seek cover in the roost located in the middle of our property.

Featured Employee – Martin Carranza

Anybody who has shot at Los Chanares knows Martin Carranza – our gamekeeper. Martin is the behind the scenes manager who runs our game management program that makes the shooting at Los Chanares world class. Besides electing where to shoot every day, Martin also is in charge of our agriculture program and property maintenance. We plant hundreds of acres of wheat, sorghum and sunflower and Martin is the person who runs this aspect of our business. In addition, he is responsible for making sure the roads are in perfect condition, the blinds are well-kept and that the entire property looks like a golf course. Martin was born in Cordoba and graduated as an agronomist from UCC- Cordoba Catholic. Martin owned a fencing and landscaping company before joining Los Chanares in 2002. Martin was trained by the previous owner Serge Dompierre for three years. The combination of Serge’s knowledge and Martin’s drive towards perfection, make Martin Carranza the ideal person to run the shooting at Los Chanares.

The Latest and Greatest Improvement

There are two recent developments worth noting. First, we successfully expanded the lodge by 2 rooms. This brings the total number of private suites to 10. We can now accommodate 19 people comfortably. The new suites are double occupancy with private bathrooms.

The more exciting latest and greatest improvement was watching college football via satellite internet at our fire pit. In September, we had some very intelligent University of Texas (UT) alumni clients at the lodge. Given the best university on the planet (UT) was playing TCU and Argentina does not carry college football, we needed to get tech-saavy. We were able to hook up a service called Sling Box that transmits the cable transmission in the U.S. via Internet to Alex’s computer. This allowed our clients to watch UT football at our fire pit after enjoying a wonderful shoot. On a separate note, I want to wish all my clients who love LSU the best of luck. Given almost the entire LSU Athletic Executive Board are clients of our lodge, Los Chanares wishes you the best. And don’t forget you can come to Cordoba from September to December and tailgate at Los Chanares!

Frequently Asked Question

One of the most commonly asked question at the lodge is where are your clients from? The answer is from all over! In the past two years alone we have hosted clients from places like Jamaica, England, Hong Kong, France, Colombia, Lebanon, Haiti, Spain, Angola, Chile, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Botswana, Panama, Sweden, Denmark and of course the U.S. See below a chart of the origin of our clients in 2006 and 2007

Texas 37%
South 18%
Louisiana 13%
West 11%
Other 7%
Europe 6%
Northeast 5%
Latin America 3%

Sunflower Available Dates

As many of you know, our sunflower season (January to March) is probably one of the most popular times of year to visit the lodge. There have been some last minute cancellations so space is still remaining. We have room on the following dates:

Tue Fri 1/22/2008 1/25/2008 8 spots
Fri Mon 1/25/2008 1/28/2008 4 spots
Mon Thu 2/11/2008 2/14/2008 14 spots
Tue Fri 3/4/2008 3/7/2008 10 spots
Tue Fri 3/18/2008 3/21/2008 6 spots
Fri Mon 3/21/2008 3/24/2008 18 spots
Tue Fri 3/25/2008 3/28/2008 8 spots
Fri Mon 3/28/2008 3/31/2008 8 spots

I certainly hope you have enjoyed our newsletter updating you on Los Chanares experience.

Thank you very much for your time and have a Happy Holiday Season!

David Perez