July 2007 Newsletter

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Word from the Owner David Perez

As this is our first newsletter ever, I want to thank everybody for an incredible two years. I bought the business two years ago from Serge Dompierre and it has been a great run. Alex and Jessica have formed a solid team of employees at the lodge who provide a first class experience. Our booking agents have assisted in sending us loads of new clients and convincing old clients to come back. Finally, our clients have enjoyed themselves so much at the lodge that the word of mouth referrals has been outstanding. This powerful word of mouth now allows us to spend $0 on marketing and we hope to invest all that money back into the lodge to make your experience even better. Muchas Gracias!

The idea behind this newsletter is to keep you abreast of the latest happenings at your second home in Cordoba.  Alex Mitri the lodge manager will provide a shooting update and we will have regular features such as 1) featured employee, 2) latest and greatest improvement and 3) frequently asked question.  If you have never been to our lodge, please visit our website at www.cordobadovehunting.com or www.loschanares.com for more info.

Shooting Update from Alex Mitri

As usual, the shooting has been spectacular at Los Chanares.  The outlook looks great this year as the birds have already begun the first of four hatches of the Los Chanares year (June-March).  However, what really stood out in the last two months was the first ever dove shoot in the SNOW!  Yes, you read correctly.  It snowed approximately 20cm on the property.  The lucky clients not only enjoyed the snow on the ground, but also were able to shoot 2,094 birds that morning.

Featured Employee – Jessica Ciappa

The idea behind this section is to acquaint our clients and potential clients with people in the Los Chanares family.  Anybody who has been to Los Chanares knows Jessica Ciappa – our lovely host and wife of Alex Mitri.  Jessica officially runs the food and restaurant part of the lodge, but in reality she is our Most Valuable Player who does it all.  Jessica was born in Tandil, a city of 100,000 people located 3 hours south of Buenos Aires.  She worked for the ex-President Carlos Menem and owned a small café in Recoleta for six years.  Jessica met Alex in the middle of Paraguay (great job Alex!).  They got married almost three years ago and have been living the Los Chanares life ever since!

The Latest and Greatest Improvement

Los Chanares is proud to present the first and only double rack safari style truck in Cordoba.  With the ability to fit 4 inside and 8 up top, our new F-100 is an outfitter’s dream vehicle.  The truck was first designed by Ron Crous (African Professional Hunter) and Martin Carranza in 2004 for our old Ford Rangers.  With the larger F-100 we were able to add an extra rack and this one has holders for your beer.  So not only will you enjoy the shooting in the field, but you will enjoy the 5-minute drive!

Frequently Asked Question

Probably the most commonly asked question at the lodge is how many birds are located in the Los Chanares roost.  The easy answer is plenty!  But they actually did a scientific study 20 years ago and estimated between 20-30 million birds.  I think it is safe to say that as of now the number of birds has been increasing every year due to the 3-5 hatchings per year.  In addition, there is a higher volume of birds because the way we manage the food, water and pressure through a proper rotation.

Property for Sale

Many of you who have been to Los Chanares in the Dompierre era ask: what is Serge up to?  Serge Dompierre, the previous operator of Los Chanares has had his hands full for the past two years.  Serge created the newest trophy property in Patagonia.  Rincon de Los Leones is a 42,000 acre property with 9 miles of private riverfront on the Chubut river.  The property is a mix of valleys and mountain ranges that includes several spectacular canyons.  On top of one these breathtaking canyons lies a brand new home -over 6,000 square feet – with an outstanding view of the property.  The property also offers excellent fly fishing for trout and great potential for growing wine.  Best of all it is for sale. For more information please visit www.rincondelosleones.com.

I certainly hope you have enjoyed our newsletter updating you on Los Chanares experience.

Thank you very much for your time and hope to hear from you, sometime soon.

David Perez