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Dove and Duck Hunting Trips with Cordoba Dove Hunting; Company Website Goes Live & Makes Booking Easier

Cordoba Dove Hunting Announces The Birth Of Its Web Site

Dallas, TX.—February 14, 2006—Cordoba Dove Hunting, a 100 percent U.S.-based company, has announced that it is going online and has found its brand new home online with its Web site’s release, although the company says it has been around much longer than its Web page.

The Web site, which is located at, features any and all the information about bird hunting in Argentina’s own Province of Cordoba.

“Every day we receive many requests from potential clients for ‘more information,” notes the company—information it says it has included in the many different pages of the online site, providing not only a convenient way to find more about what type of hunting the company provides its clients but also its prices as well. Featuring color brochures as well as downloadable videos, the company also says it is showcasing everything for its potential clients.

And with trips that the company touts are “for those who know that a great trip is certainly a lot more than pulling the trigger,” Cordoba has more to offer than a few bird hunting tips for its guests.

The Web site, notes Cordoba Dove Hunting, features a cozy lounge where guests can sip wine and drink cocktails while enjoying lively conversation with other guests and dance shows as well.

Either way, Cordoba reports, potential guests have all the information they need to make an informed decision at their fingertips.

Web site:; Ph. 888-545-7575