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You’re Going To The Birds: Duck Hunting At Cordoba Argentina

Cordoba Dove Hunting Now Offers Duck Hunting in Argentina with Affiliated Lodges

Dallas, TX.—March 22, 2006—Cordoba Dove Hunting, the U.S.-based company featuring the most well-kept Bird Hunting lodge in Argentina, is now offering duck hunting in Argentina for the spring and summer season in cooperation with other Argentinean lodges.

Argentina duck hunting lodges that are owned by U.S. operators is an unlikely find, notes a spokesman for Cordoba. And, he notes, Argentina duck hunting is a sport that requires hunter and guide to be able to break the language barrier.

Which is where Cordoba Dove Hunting comes in, the company details, which lists all its available tours and vacations on its Web site. The Web site, says Cordoba, is located at, and it features a price list of the different duck hunting adventures the lodge offers through affiliation with other Argentinean lodges.

Its affiliation with other duck hunting lodges In Argentina is a milestone in the U.S.-based company’s history, the company says, and opening its door to duck hunting enthusiasts is exactly the market the company wants to reach.

And with clients always inquiring about duck hunting in Argentina, it’s no unlikely surprise that the duck hunting packages offered by Cordoba is a smashing success.

And why stop at Argentina duck hunting when the company says geese are so prevalent in Argentina that the country’s government doesn’t set a limit on their kill? Other birds, outlines Cordoba, that a duck hunting enthusiast is likely to encounter include silver teal, white cheek pintail, widgeon, red shovelers, and tree ducks, among many, many others.

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