Word from the Owner

Dear Clients,

As many of you know, Cordoba Argentina has earned the reputation as the best wingshooting destination in the world. If you are interested in high-volume or challenging birds, Cordoba has it all. For over 25 years Cordoba has really earned this reputation hosting thousands of clients. As you can imagine, competition is pretty fierce. Until about 10 years ago there was little that differentiated the outfitters in the region except the food and accommodations. Then Los Chanares was born. The reason Los Chanares stands out among the rest is very simple yet powerful – the largest roost in Cordoba sits 2 minutes behind the lodge. This provides several key advantages:

  • 5 minutes or less to the shooting areas. No more having to haul down long dusty roads at 100 miles per hour. All the shooting is done on the property and many are within walking distance. For example, clients such as John Simpson will attest that their best shooting is at 7am about 20 yards from the lodge. He woke us all up but he likes the challenging birds that fly early in the morning.
  • Consistent shooting. Through our game management program we feed the birds hundreds of tons per year and grow thousands of acres of sunflower and wheat just for the birds. About half the birds never leave our property for this reason so you will always have birds at Los Chañares. Always!
  • Varied shooting. We have built over 40 different shooting areas throughout the property. They all vary in difficulty and will provide varied shooting. We have 300 professionally built shooting stands each graded according to difficulty of birds. Beginning shooters are placed on hilltops where the birds fly low, whereas expert shooters are placed down in valleys where they pass much higher. This can only be done on a property that is 100% dedicated to dove hunting and not a lease that allows you to enter and blast only.

On top of this, the lodge was built 14 years ago for the sole purpose to host high end dove hunters. It is a very luxurious lodge with Spanish colonial style architecture. There are 10 very large bedrooms each with a private bathroom in the rooms. There are 2 double beds in each room. There is a wonderful outdoor dining room where we eat all of our meals by 2 fireplaces. There is a pool where you can swim in the afternoons or shoot the flyway over the pool. Recently, a great Jacuzzi was built next to the swimming pool.

Because of the excellent shooting and beautiful lodge, we receive very demanding high end clients at Los Chanares. Because of this the service and food are absolutely 5 star. We have 2 in-house gourmet chefs. Meals are first class ranging from simple delicious asados – or bbqs – to hundreds of dove recipes that we prepare on a daily basis. Our wines are also excellent including the famous Malbec grape. We also top shelf alcohol like Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker and Absolut. Finally you can enjoy a wonderful Cuban cigar and massages as well.

The final point I wanted to make which is probably the most important is the people running the show. A very important but often forgotten part of your trip is the relationship you develop with the outfitter. We are a very young energetic team that I would characterize as very friendly. Alex Mitri my partner, and his beautiful wife Jessica run and supervise the whole operations and have been full-time at the lodge up until a few months ago. We now have Juan Mansilla and Nahuel Gramajo taking care of our clients in the lodge while Alex and Jessica run the logistics from Cordoba. We make you feel right at home and not at a hotel (this is not a 50-room hotel but a small yet luxury and welcoming lodge). This is also a place to invite your family and friends and enjoy time with them. We know this that that’s why we make sure that when you are not out at the field shooting your 4 cases a day, you feel comfortable at the lodge.

I hope to meet all of you at our lodge soon.


David Perez