Los Chanares Now Offers Great Promotions on our Dove Hunting Trips

Promotion #1 – Father/Son Special:

Jul-Dec $320/day (regular price $840). Jan-Apr $420, which is 50% off regular price.

Promotion #2 – Large Group Discount:

$9000 high season, $7200 promo season. For example, a group of 16 will pay $9000 for the entire group or $562 per person per night. This is significantly less than the $840 per day price. Large group price is even lower from July-December. Please visit our rates page for more details.

Promotion #3 – Posta del Norte:

If you want to enjoy high-volume birds and you are looking for the best value dove hunting in Cordoba, the answer is Posta del Norte. This lodge was purchased in 2011 to handle the overflow of Los Chanares clients. We have since positioned the lodge as a low cost alternative to Los Chanares. So if you are on a tighter budget and none of the Los Chanares promotions work for you, look no further than Posta del Norte!

Promotion #4 – Last Minute Cancellation:

Occasionally we have clients who need to cancel trips for personal reasons. We typically pass whatever deposit is paid back to those who can come on last minute trips. Please inquire for our latest Last Minute Cancellation dates.